Shaping the Future

  • A Better Tomorrow
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Intelligent Operations

To drive forward in life, we must not fear inventions and new ways of thinking. Taolimited is a pioneer in technology, digital workflows, and swarm intelligence. We see a future of collective consciousness that sustainably uses the environment, resources, and technology in ways that complement each other. As our world currently has growing pains and excessive resource usage, we will continue to learn and refine our functionality so we be at the forefront of STEAM and community development to shift our CO2 impact while also raising the vibration for dreams not even yet possible.

Innovative Villages

We invest into communities at a personal level. Whether that is street by street in metropolitan areas or rural districts with unique characteristics to the land and culture. We see a future where people enjoy nature and we strive to reconnect humanity with our forest roots. At the same time, we are brining high-tech to these communities where our company is held together by the digital fabric. We encourage staff to experience shinrin-yoku on a daily basis and to incorporate elements of the forest into lives wherever possible. This is a central focus for our corporation and sets the tone for the peaceful and sustainable business models we've created.

An enterprise that blends the power of technology and the wisdom of the forest is the key to the future. ~President, Matthew Hackney.

Health, Education, Empowerment

While we invest in resources, above all we invest in people. We spend an incredible amount of our energy on empowering the individuals who make up our organization to increase their IQ, EQ, AQ, and Social Skills. We do this, knowing it will bring us to profitable heights, but also as a duty for being leaders in society. We see a future where communities trust corporations such as TaoLimited to provide them with insight into better options in health, amazing schools for themselves and their loved ones, and also opportunities to branch out on their own or to excel within the company for whatever their dreams may hold. We have built people and families for over 25 years and have a strong record of success in creating the leaders of the future. As we mature, we continue to create new tools and departments that focus on this mission.