• How We Give Back
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We have multiple philanthropic efforts with our organization centered around STEAM Education, women empowerment, literacy initiatives, and a variety of interests in giving by our employees and Board Members.

We've given to philanthropy for 20+ years by volunteering in fundraisers, partnering with Board of Education, Government Bodies, and acting as role models in the community for the amount of philanthropy we think is needed, where we exceed 50% of our time and resources into giving.

We have donated extensively to the Tao Learning Institute and continue to provide consulting, donations, and mentorship to its leaders and students through multiple initiatives as a 501c3 NonProfit. A few programs we have sponsored by the Tao Learning Institute are outlined below.

A corporation's entire purpose is to uplift society. This is why we contribute over 50% of our entire time and resources into giving. ~President, Matthew Hackney

    Mid-Ohio Valley Giving: President and Founder of TaoLimited, Mr. Hackney grew up in the Mid-Ohio Valley where he has been a key donor to the community for over 20 years. We continue that effort with expanded education programs, motivational segments, and community development with a focus on STEAM through our partnership with the Tao Learning Institute.

    SilkWomen: We empower women around the world to learn how to operate micro-businesses and the art of entrepreneurship. We donate time, software templates, and resources from our business mentors to this cause.

    Ignite Curiosity: This program gets people motivated for STEAM education and is often their introduction to the career opportunities available around the world in STEAM fields.

    Pedadida: We built a large LMS System and donated the entire ecosystem to the Tao Learning Institute. This is now open source and utilized by developing nations in classrooms around the world.

    TheMOV Health Network: TaoLimited funded health initiatives which include weight loss management & motivation, fitness trackers, fitness videos and certifications, and an online social network. We donated this entire community to the Tao Learning Institute and it now operates fully free to the community at large as a digital solution for individual health needs.